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Quiz Show thoughts

We at TVC like to do the quiz in the “Weekend Australian.” However, we are increasingly bemused by the esoteric nature of the questions, ranging from geographical trivia to obscure Oscar winners (as if anyone still cares). So we’ve fashioned some of our own, for your consideration:

  1. What are the 16 Pacific Rim capital cities with populations of between 1.6 and 56.2 that have names devoid of diphthongs, ending in ‘nwz’?
  2. True or false.  A 14 year old Meryl Streep adopted the nom de plume ‘Eugene Pinter’ when she penned the play ‘Death of an Iceman’ for her year 9 elementary school presentation.
  3. What is the answer to Fermat’s Theorem?
  4. What nocturnal terns migrate every summer to nest in the kind of fir tree that Matt Schumacher skied into? (Genus, species and nickname).
  5. Name the drummers in each of the bands that had Cambodian number 1 hits with “Rolley-o Patterman!” in 1912, 2013 and 2044.
  6. What former child performer won Oscars in these categories – Best Director (1632), Best Wig Glue Technique (1984) and Best Chin Actor (2023) – despite never being nominated?
  7. Which of these activities is not always illegal when travelling on an electric tram in a non-Atlantic country but always on a Sunday? (A) warbling like Richard Nixon, (B) Collapsing a lung, (C) breeding green ants, or (D) None of some of those not above.
  8. Who was not-out for 46 with 6,945 overs before stumps at Lord’s on the 3 millionth day of the 98th Ashes test in February this year?  Was it (A) the Bledesloe Cup, (B) Michelle Payne, (C) Sir Viv Richards or (D) The Manly-Toowoomba Panthers?
  9. For 2.2 points, what 5 countries not in Europe, but having Euros as their currency, have names beginning in ‘N’ and ending in ‘-pertussis’?
  10. What slightly metallic non-element has a halogen weight of 4, the consistency of paint (gloss) and the atomic number ‘pi’? 


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