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Canberra, August 2017

We have used our pleasant stay in Canberra, in visits to the National and National Portrait Galleries, to fulminate about the decline of portraiture and the absurdity of abstract expressionism. But while The Varnished Culture sauntered between the rooms, talking of Michelangelo, we did pipe a bunch of interesting stuff, familiar and new.


Some good old and new:


A nice moony Streeton


“Black Dog” by Archie Moore


A grander canyon by Hockney

A grander canyon by Hockney


Wish bowl by JoungmeeDO (2014)

Wish bowl by JoungmeeDO (2014)

…in fine silver, gold and steel.


Some fine Filippino figurines (above) and the well-known Magritte…

Rene Magritte

Rene Magritte


A beautiful piece of blown glass, “Cobalt Blue Venetian No. 9” by Dale Chihuly (1989), the same artist who created the huge foyer piece at Atlantis in Dubai.

Even Tiffany got a Guernsey:


and the equally famous phone:


or this modern bust of a paediatrician:

Dr John Yu (with kids) by Ah Xian (2003-4)

Dr John Yu (with kids) by Ah Xian (2003-4)



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