Uneasy Pieces: Richard Feynman

May 11, 2018 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | HISTORY | 0 Comments |

Richard Feynman born May 11, 1918 –

“One of the outstanding figures of twentieth-century theoretical physics.” Thus Roger Penrose on Richard Feynman.  I think it’s hokum. Everyone knows that atoms don’t move, that the earth is as flat as a Frisbee, spaced isn’t curved, vectors don’t mean anything, maths is just a tautology, electron waves don’t do anything, and relatively speaking, relativity is meaningless. But Feynman was a great tutor for people far smarter than me, who did science well beyond high school.

The physical world is and humans might do better to be satisfied with their big toy, instead of constantly breaking it in order to see how it works…


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