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Wagner laughing at himself

14 April 2014

The Richard Wagner Society of SA presented Timothy Sexton, Artistic Director
of State Opera SA, to present the inaugural Brian Coghlan Lecture in honour
of its Past President.  Sexton, who presented the Glass Trilogy in August
2014, was given the difficult brief of proving a link between Wagner and
Glass, which he heroically did in an erudite and entertaining way, enlivened
by musical examples.  Although TVC‘s response to the lecture’s sub text “Was
Richard Wagner the first experimental minimalist composer?” is a resounding
“No”, we are now prepared to water down that ‘narrow-minded’ position a tad.

Richard the minimalist

Richard the minimalist

Wagnerites must join their local Richard Wagner Society.  See the link to the SA Society.  They have a very good newsletter and events are arranged with warmth and wit.  And membership is very modestly priced.  “Full well I know the wage o’ the fight” (Siegfried).


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