Roman Guide – Pierfrancesco Vecchio

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If you are new to Rome and can’t stay for more than several months, you would do well to see the Vatican chambers and the Forum Romanum (at least).  Best to do that with a learned guide.  TVC was lucky enough to have Pierfrancesco Vecchio, art historian and archaeologist, from Imago Artis.


Francesco, who wears his deep learning lightly and with his trusty tablet at hand, knows just what to cover, what to pass by and he made our experience easy and fun as well as instructive.  Our concierge had recommended him to us and we thank him for that – you might try the website


Vatican City

And take a turn down the Hall of Maps….


Actually, we think Pierfranceco finished his studies and is busy on a dig somewhere.  We wish him well and if you can’t have him as a guide or get to Rome soon, get a load of Corot‘s painting of the Forum:





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