Shaun of the Dead

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Quality: Original. Film Title: Shaun Of The Dead. Photo Credit: Oliver Upton. Copyright: © 2004 Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

(Dir. Edgar Wright) (2004)

You can forget all the other zombie films* – this is the only one worth watching, a hilarious look at a London gripped by an epidemic of uncertain aetiology and yet hardly changing!  After all, as we see in several lovely, Spaced-style montages, Shaun and his girlfriend and useless mates still end up at the pub; they once again get in a fight; once again, Shaun forgets his obligations, but his Mum still loves him. The M1 and M3 are clogged.  What’s new?  Well, for one thing, our eponymous hero (Simon Pegg) manages, amid the chaos, pretty-much single-handed, to man-up and grow-up, display true British grit and ride out the zombie storm.  Just enjoy the ride!


*Those zombie films you can discard:

Dawn of the Dead; 28 Days Later; The Astro-Zombies; Legion of the Night; Night of the Living Dead; They Came Back; and especially World War Z.  There are dozens more…they keep arising…

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    Poppy Henson

    October 29, 2016

    I like the idea that zombies will think you are a zombie if you act like one. I thought they could smell brains or something?

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