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August 19, 2015 | Posted by Lesley Jakobsen | THUMBNAIL REVIEWS | 1 Comment |

If Shop Til You Drop were a woman, her name would be Symantha.  Symantha is a nail technician but she’s trying out for “Australian Idol” and her friends say she’ll win.  Symantha’s living with her boyfriend but she’s ditching him soon and her friends say she should.  Symantha’s friends LOVE her selfies and say she should try modelling.

Once upon a time, I woke like Sleeping Beauty from a years-long coma during which I had worn the same out-dated princess outfit.  I swept out into an unknown world (known as “The Newsagents”) and saw Shop Til You Drop.  I thought it was a joke.  But, wiping the sleep from my eyes, I bought a copy (the first hit is not always free) and now I am an addict.

I  LOVE all that cheap-to mid-range tat. I LOVE IT!  The magazine has gone from weekly (I LOVED that) to quarterly or seasonal or something, which is so not-cool.  Its perusal calls for the attention-span of a gnat.  The pictures are punctuated by words, but the words are harmlessly corralled into circles and squares and arrows and side-bars so they don’t hurt too much.  It’s got LOTS of STUFF in it about STUFF and I LOVE it.

VERDICT:  If you:-

(a) have ever signed your name with a heart over the “i”,

(b) think the Benefit makeup counter is pretty, while the MAC counter is edgy, and

(c) would SO wear a pair of gladiator sandals,

then buy it every err…whenever it’s out.

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