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A Day on the Green, Spring, 2022

Omnivorous music fans thronged the tent at the Fumier Winery to enjoy the ne plus ultra in nuovo-Punk, Prog and Grunge.

Wound Pump

This hard-working Birmingham band, all of whom were expelled from art school, opened at the reasonably unpopular time of 4 am. Their set included “Get Two Free,” “Monkeypox Mary,” “Signing On,” “UB40 IS KRAP,” “Chilean Torture Chamber,” and a great cover of Wayne/Jayne County’s immortal “If You Don’t Want To F**k Me, F**k Off.” TVC particularly liked Pump’s snipe at the likes of Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith: “this old coat is S**t.”

Sluggard’s Gizzards

This post modern prog rock artiste lulled an arty crowd to respectful silence with his 200-minute bawdy song “Canterbury Tails” and his (seemingly) equally lengthy musical journey, “You Can’t Say Freak.” Andy Iansen displays versatility as well as megalomania in handling all 20 instruments personally, with countless additional noises via his bank of synthesizers. Having previously deprecated Pink Floyd as ‘self-indulgent,’ Iansen famously bought a Lamborghini Miura SV Speciale model, and an original Marc Chagall, the day after he was declared bankrupt.

File:Alfonso Vidales, keyboardist of CAST (band), Baja Prog 2007, Mexicali.jpg

Aggressive Redaction

This sublime exemplar of grunge hit the heights with their songs “Mud,” “Grime,” “Slime,” “Disband,” “Pus,” and “Tallow,” and introduced us to their new oddity, “I want in to the 27 Club…but I’m 30.”  AR finished with a sublime country rock parody, “Spin the disc backwards – get back your girl, your dog and your truck.” Another interesting aspect to AR is their melting hatred of electronic rock, and they have taken to performing live an adaptation of Mojo Nixon’s “Don Henley Must Die,” extemporizing the lyrics to target Ultravox and Gary Numan respectively.

[NB. TVC only imagined all of the above.]


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