Hello and Absolve all Black & Tans

March 17, 2017 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | HISTORY, LIFE, Ulalume | 0 Comments |

"Have a nice day, Ireland!"(Portrait by Peter Lely)

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

(image by Rabbid007)

(image by Rabbid007)

If Pátraic was so hot though, why does Ireland still have to put up with Sinn Féin?

Anyway, top of the morning to Paddys everywhere, and we hope not to have been too inflammatory by passing-on the best wishes of well known hibernophile, Oliver Cromwell.  The more polite Irish tend to refer to Oliver as a “Special Occasion.”*

[*euphemism with apologies to the late Elisabeth Wynhausen.]
'Begorrah, I thought I had eradicated all the snakes...'

‘Begorrah, I thought I had eradicated all the snakes…’


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