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Here are Druidic spatial data, which is leadenly prosaic in both tone and content.


But three trilithons abide

Seven metres high, five metres wide

Sarcens – mortise and tenon joints
Aligned to Bronze Age sistral points

After digging an earthen bank,
Fifty-six Aubrey holes the Britons sank

Outer circles, a central horseshoe arc
In total, seven times one Central Park

Ninety-three stones remain at Salisbury Plain
Once purchased by Chubb – but not for gain!

(Cecil paid six thousand, six hundred pounds,
Did that include the funeral mounds?)

The bluestones came from Wales by boat
(At about three tons each, how did they float?)

In ‘86 ‘twas made a Heritage Site,
Stonehenge! Symbol of our English might!

File:Druids on Primrose Hill Autumn Equinox.jpg


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