Suddenly Last Summer

Sydney Theatre Company, Opera House, March 2015

A  thin story, not as shocking now as it was when Tennessee Williams wrote it, or even when it was filmed in 1959. Presented here as a sort of live cinema – for much of the play the actors are videoed as they perform in a pot-plant garden behind the screen on which the video is shown. Doors and windows open and shut.  Robyn Nevin doesn’t really have much to do.  Eryn Jean Norvill as Catherine and Mark Leonard Winter as Dr Cukrowicz  are impressive. Sebastian’s part  is  effective and powerful.   An odd choice of play for such an inventive presentation.

[Marginal note: P watched the last 20 minutes on closed circuit TV from the bar at the Op House – prima facie, a talkfest in a garden of statuary.  Robyn Nevin seemed reduced to reacting from a chair, which she did more happily in The Castle. She deserves better.]
Robyn deserves this chair (c/- Melbourne Conservatory)

Robyn deserves this chair (c/- Melbourne Conservatory)


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