Old Man

'Old Man' (by Rembrandt)

Songs in Our Heart # 85

Old Man (Neil Young) (written by Neil Young; released April 1972) [What a pretty, simple, soulful song – ah, the circle of life…]

TVC has done a “Testament” that you can warble to this lovely tune:

Hey man, I’m nearly dead,

Remember what the wise man said,

I’m going to Heaven or Hell

Or somewhere in between:

Don’t think I’ll need a map

When I take my little nap,

I’m going to state my case

Will I still be seen?

I think that it won’t be so hard

To be ignored at all,

Somewhere, somebody else

Ought to take my fall…

Well, just look at my corpse

It’s a lot like yours –

I feel some kinmanship there

If you know the cause…

Luck, man, now has run out,

I’m stranded here, and have no clout,

I’m awaiting Heaven or Hell

Or somewhere in between: –

Purgatory (Rubens)

Purgatory (Rubens)


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