Half empty Glasses and the Law

October 14, 2016 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | CRIME, LIFE | 0 Comments |

The Varnished Culture’s correspondent attended the 15th International Criminal Law Congress (disguised as a civilian) and reports on developments that should interest intelligent laypersons in general.

After a more than usually genial ‘Welcome to Country’ by Uncle Lewis O’Brien, Kaurna Elder (a timeless indigenous ceremony invented by an activist circa 1976), Father Frank Brennan, Jesuit Priest, “Living National Treasure” and “Professor of Human Rights & Social Justice” gave a set speech, but a very learned, balanced and thoughtful one on the parlous state of indigenous Australia, which left your faithless TVC reporter completely bereft.


Unable to defenestrate the grand truth (per Herr Hayek) that any concept (i.e. ‘justice’) is corrupted by prefacing it with the word “social,” we confess to complete indifference to the repeated pleas for government intervention (but not An Intervention), noting that western social democracies have become Kissinger’s nightmarish “pitiful, helpless giants.” Intelligent, sensible folks like Fr. Brennan and much of his rapturous audience realise that land rights have delivered nothing but they fail to grasp that government can deliver little else. Their intermeddling is barren; stillborn. Indigenous men and women have a special privilege, and a special challenge: if, to quote Brennan’s memorable phrase, they are caught twixt “the Dreaming and the Market” then they have a Wagnerian choice of Love Over Gold.  In other words, Renunciation becomes a real issue.


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