The Earl of Leicester Hotel

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Nick Xenophon's Entrance is permanently locked

85 Leicester Street, Parkside, South Australia

Confession.  We at TVC frequent The Leicester.  We know the Liar’s bar, the Liar’s Restaurant (complete with witness box), very, very well.  There is also a cozy bistro and the pokies lounge .  Monica and Ian (the hard-working publicans) & Co. greet us with their friendly, witty, knowing, slightly sardonic manner.  You know they’ve seen it all, including a shotgun hold-up and patrons who have completed the Beer Challenge 10 times.  But it is invariably a welcoming and refreshing haven.

The famous, enormous ‘schnitties’ (Will you have yours with avocado and cheese?  Or with bulls’ balls [sorry]?) – are, oddly, not available in the restaurant – but the restaurant is top notch and we don’t have any other quibbles.  Perhaps our favourite dessert (chocolate peanuts, yes that’s right, chocolate peanuts) should be available at all times and perhaps the whole place is a little shabby, but that’s all part of the wonderful weirdness.

A refurbishment might mean that the Leicester would lose its pre-Photoshop collages of famous liars, weekly horoscope updates, Moe the Travelling Duck, Kingstonian the plastic horse who presides over a weekly meeting of the Liars’ Club, and the life-sized bull standing on his hind legs.  That would be a tragedy.  There’s nothing tragic here, just a tucked-away hostelry that’s cool in summer, warm in winter, and glowing all year round.LEICESTER-3


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    Chris Farmer

    December 13, 2022

    Hi Lesley,
    I’m the current licensee of the Earl and I am very interested in compiling its history.
    I would be delighted if you have anymore details / names/ photos.

    Hope to talk soon,

    Chris Farmer

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