The Fair Good Friday

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(Glenelg v West Adelaide at Glenelg Oval, 2 April 2021)

On May 7, 1921, Glenelg played its first game, against West Adelaide, on Adelaide Oval. West won (18.10 to 6.5).  The newbies were hopelessly outclassed but kept on punching (you can read all about it in chapter 3 of Pride of the Bay). The Tigers wouldn’t win a game until 1925, but now, in its 100th year, it has a fair bit to roar about.

100 years later, almost to the day, The Bays met its first foe, this time at ‘The G.’ At least the Tigers failed to lose this time, but they failed to impress as well. Two quarters of slick, stylish, fast-moving football do not a match make. In the second and final quarters Glenelg was out to lunch, and if West, who are honest scrubbers – nothing to write home about – had 10 more minutes on the clock (and kicked straighter) they might have won.

First games are often indifferent – and wearing a 1920s style guernsey accentuated the holiday festival atmosphere – it was unseasonably hot to boot – but the Bays will have to bring their A-game next week against the reigning premiers. Mc Bean and Kluske looked good with 3 goals each; Reynolds and Hosie will be better for the run. As always, Defence worked hard; Partington and Snook gave plenty of drive from the centre, and Jack Hannath has improved on his 2020 form.

Glenelg 13.11 (89) defeated West Adelaide 11.12 (78)



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