The Old Stoic’s Lethargy

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(with apologies to W. H. Auden)

This earth in 2023

Is not the planet fit for me,

A world, I need, to give me hope

Opposed to the end of a rope.

File:Hangmans Noose.jpg


My Eden landscapes and their climes

Are great constructs from rational times,

When reason meant, at least, induction,

Not dogma posed as deduction.

File:Studies in the history and method of science Wellcome L0028840.jpg


The plastic bags we gather to be

Transformed as if by alchemy:

I chose to send them whence they came,

The ground, from fossil fuels by name.

File:Water Pollution with Trash Disposal of Waste at the Garbage Beach.jpg


I’m now required to approve

Blighted wind farms that rarely move:

And even less reverence-commanding

Endless seas, useless notwithstanding.

File:Barack Obama at Nellis AFB 2009-05-27 3.JPG


Ghosts that I thought had been routed,

Their spent ideas revealed and doubted:

Ridiculousness now forgotten,

None knowing all is misbegotten.

File:London May Day Kill The Bill 2021 (51152671403).jpg


Before the injustice of the blind,

It was important to be kind:

Totalitarian democracy

Lives in the dread realm of the Me.

File:Narcissus-Caravaggio (1594-96) edited.jpg


“Nineteen Eighty-Four” we knew,

“The Trial,” “Waste Land”, “Animal Farm” too:

I cannot settle which is worse,

The modern novel, or free verse.



When couples played or sang duets,

Unwise the man immersed in debts

Or the nation well beyond its means,

Its souls now reduced to pork and beans.

File:2113Ram pork and beans with CDO Carne Norte sandwich 01.jpg


Do we venerate, as a joint success

The silencing to which we acquiesce:

Thugs piling-on, and gleefully;

When did we scare so easily?

File:Cancelled cross.png


Hobgoblins abound; we do abide,

Yet we turn and we run and hide:

In the wake of the mightiest shout

Coming from the silliest lout.

File:Just Stop Oil National Gallery 14102022.png


How this world does clack its tongue,

How listlessly it strikes the young:

How can they hope to ever live free

When blinkered in its history?

File:Pyramid - Nitin Ram.png


The recent plague has made us fools

And given birth to glaikit rules:

Although it let us seek anew

Amongst our friends, those who proved true.

File:Friends Talking.jpg


An old curmudgeon? I may be,

But remain of the citizenry:

In Stoicism I will base my trust,

And follow Zeno, as needs must.

Zeno of Citium > By Individual Philosopher > Philosophy


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