The Peninsular War

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Further undermining Wellington's faith in the Spanish - Battle of Castalla (by Jean-Charles Langlois)

(by Charles Esdale)

We can be thankful that Napoleon, like that chap Hitler, ridiculously over-extended himself.  Exhibit ‘A’ is the seven year war on the Iberian Peninsula, which ruined Spain (and Portugal) for decades and created a schism there that lingers today.  It also, fortunately, hived off necessary men, arms and resources that weakened the French Emperor’s efforts to subjugate the continent.

This comprehensive book, based on old as well as up-to-date and diverse sources, offers a complete overview of the bloody campaign, the struggles of the various Fields Marshal and in particular the intricate politics.  It is dense but readable and helps us see the significance of the War on the struggles against ‘Boney’ that were still to come.


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