The Sweet Hereafter

"It turns to streaming piss."

(Dir. Atom Egoyan) (1997)

The school bus has gone badly off piste in a town that looks (and acts) like South Park.  Whilst a close-knit (at times, a little too close-knit – adultery and, disturbingly, incest seems de rigueur) community mourns the lost children, a troubled ambulance-chaser (Ian Holm) moves in.  This intense and rich movie features superb performances and has a great weird atmosphere.

[Trivia note: Director Egoyan is a big fan of The Homecoming, that AFI rendering of hijinks within a bogan family.  Apart from Ian Holm, who is sensational in Atom’s film, TVC does not agree.  Respectfully, filmmakers should stick to film-making.]


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