Don’t Throw in the Towel (Yet), Rocky

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Glenelg v Woodville/West Torrens Eagles, Gliderol Stadium, 23 June 2018

Memo to the SANFL: the Bays don’t need any help – they can lose a game all on their own – missing set shots, kicking out of bounds, turning the ball over, and so on. In a game where the Tigers, safely ensconced near the foot of the table, take on 2nd-placed, perennial-finalist, Hybrid-Prius, sharp-practice W/WT, why then fail to pay 20 odd frees that should have gone to us, not to mention about 6 25-metre penalties?

At the other end, a pretty-boy called Hayes gets 3 cheap frees (including one where he strangled Jonty Scharenberg), and boots a lazy three goals. About 47% of the frees to the Eagles in the first quarter, where the game was won, were within scoring range. This was surely good luck, and bad management, but we have a more sinister theory.

The visitors had kicked 9 goals to nothing till just before half time. It was about the 26 minute mark of the 2nd quarter before Josh Scott, who battled manfully all day with 3 goals, managed to kick our first goal. By half-time, it was game over, despite a more spirited third quarter where, with a bit of luck and more accurate disposal, we might have given the enemy a scare.

Apart from Scott, Darcy Bailey, Carl Nicholson, Matthew Uebergang,Chris Curran, Jonty Scharenberg, Aaron Joseph, and Matthew Snook had a go. The Milera lads, Nick Amato and Jesse White were daftly muted. Warrick McGinty, Marlon Motlop, Bryce Woolard, and Max Proud tried hard but were outclassed.

All in all, Glenelg simply isn’t good enough. It’s getting hard to tell where their next win will come from, and where. Head Coach Mark Stone seems to be trying his best but the message isn’t getting through. Let’s hope that the Board doesn’t issue a statement offering its full support, Rocky, because if they do, it’ll be time to throw in the towel.

Glenelg 6.10 (46) Eagles 14.9 (93)

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“I can’t believe I got another free kick…it’s beginning to look like Christmas!”


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