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Those distant "Finals" seem to beckon...? (painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme )

Glenelg v Adelaide @ Glenelg Oval (Gliderol Stadium, or “The G”) 17 July 2016

A great win to the Tigers…and I wasn’t there.  Maybe that’s an omen?  In any case, while I was partaking of the lush decadence served up by the Richard Wagner Society’s function, Glenelg came from the back of the truck, again, and knocked-off top three wannabe, the Crows Reserves.  I gather that our ebony gods, Tim Sumner and Terry Milera, got 4 goals each and helped us run-down a formidable quarter-time lead.  With sterling support from the whole side, and extra goals by Josh Scott and Ziggy Vitkunas (surely the funkiest Lithuanian name ever).

Which brings us to an ethical dilemma.  We now are one win behind the Minor Forces of Darkness (Port) but with a game in hand. And this Sunday, 24 July, we take on Norwood at the ‘G’.  This hateful gang of brigands, as we recall, knocked-us off earlier in the season by about a goal. They are organised and battle-hardened.  They issue SMS instructions to their henchmen and henchwomen, to turn-up on match day and do their thing.  So we need to rally around the flag and turn up en bloc on Sunday, at the ridiculous starting time of 1.40 pm.  Glenelg is famous for metaphorically sleeping-in, so what others call our famous fight-back spirit is simply a failure to start playing on time.  Thus we need a general wake-up call!  Get down to the Bay and start shouting!*

The upset win last Sunday was the jewel in the crown of the SANFL’s indigenous round.  We applaud that initiative, part of the AFL’s marketing juggernaut.  But it does not, in our view, give indigenous footy-people a ‘special pass’.  We’re talking to you, Glenn Robert James OAM!!  Think back to the 1980 Escort Championship Series.  Round 3. Tuesday, 15 April 1980. You were the central umpire. North Melbourne (the eventual competition winner) beat Glenelg by 5 points, thanks in part to you. We haven’t forgotten, nor have we forgiven.

Glenelg 15.11 (101)    Adelaide 12.10 (82)

[*Disclaimer – this post is expressly dis-endorsed by Lesley, Norwood FC Member.]


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    Darren Bald

    May 12, 2020

    I remember the Glenelg v North Melbourne game.
    Absolutely slaughtered by the central field umpires.
    So one sided the vic commentators were embarrassed.
    The following week a WA side would not come over unless they could bring an umpire from WA.
    Cant remember how that request was handled.

    • Reply

      Lesley Jakobsen

      May 12, 2020

      I remember that a Victorian wrote to 'The Advertiser' after the game to say that the umpiring was an absolute scandal, and that the Bays should have won.

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