Tiger Terry 6; South Adelaide 5

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Glenelg v South Adelaide (15 July 2017)

What’s that well-known saying? “Bad kicking is bad…something.” Anyway, both sides had 23 scoring shots on goal but South missed on 18 of its 23 occasions – therein lies much of the story. Still, Glenelg was clearly superior on the day, much more organised in midfield and attack, and applying substantial pressure in defence to cause error in front of the visitor’s goal.  Curran, Sellar and co. were terrific in defence, which is a lot better organised and seasoned these days.

Terry Milera was outstanding with 6 goals, as were Ian Milera and Dom Barry, both very busy about the ground. Josh Scott and Ziggy Vitkunas posed a big distraction for the Panther’s defence, allowing Liam Mc Bean space to dominate in the air and kick 4 telling goals. Warwick Mc Ginty was a pillar of strength in ruck. Captain Andrew Bradley was ‘knocked up getting kicks,’ as they say in the classics.

Terry Milera

Terry Milera

Despite the game being riddled with mistakes by both sides (on a glorious, dry, winter’s day), ultimately the Bays won out because they didn’t rattle, they ran in numbers and, frankly, they wanted to win more than South. The Carey-Darley Cup returns to the Bay.

The quarter by quarter scorecard tells a stark story:

  1. G 5.2     SA 1.4
  2. G 9.2     SA 2.10
  3. G 13.4   SA 3.12
  4. G 16.7   SA 5.18

Unlike the Anzac Day clash, the Tigers came out of the blocks early, and didn’t let up, winning every quarter and never being really challenged. It was a refreshing turn-around of form after some disastrous efforts, and hopefully gives us something to hold onto for the imminent trip down to Mordor…er, Alberton.

Glenelg 16.7 (103) South Adelaide 5.18 (48)



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