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Glenelg vs Everyone, May 2021

1 May, 2021: After a close but decisive win over the Olde Enemy, Glenelg had three challenging matches to conclude in order to perch atop the premiership table. North have been a bit off their feed this year but always challenge at Prospect Oval, that weirdly configured graveyard for visiting teams arriving unprepared. However, the Tigers saw the threat off.

Glenelg 15.10 (100) North Adelaide 10.9 (69)

9 May 2021: Glenelg hosted struggling Sturt at the bay. For a struggling side, they do a good impression of the other: it was an arm wrestle all day, and when the Double Blues fired in 3 quick goals late in the game to take the lead, your correspondent started to think dark thoughts. Sturt are blooding some really promising youngsters – Ash Johnson, Tom Lewis and Casey Voss, et al.

Glenelg waited until the last minute to go coast to coast and Luke Reynolds kicked the winner.

Glenelg 11.8 (74) Sturt 10.10 (70)

23 May 2021: After a hiatus for the State game against Western Australia, Glenelg tackled the Big Game: South, 2nd on the ladder, at Noarlunga Oval. It’s a big, windswept ground at which nothing but ill winds have blown for the Tigers for some years. This day was different. The Panthers kept at us, but we always found a way to steer clear again, helped by South’s lack of a fit first-flight ruckman and a Bay midfield (Snook, Partington, Turner, Allen) that kept South’s dangerous mids – Haines, Cross and – a man some might unfairly call a ‘quisling’, Bryce Gibbs – in check, blunting the impact of their usual abundance of possessions. A 6 goal to nil 3rd quarter was wot wun it, perhaps helped a tad by men with whistles that seemed to be wearing Glenelg’s heritage away strip: no help needed, though, with Curran and Proud leading the defensive fort and hungry Tiger forwards (McBean 3, a handful got 2) making the most of our forays inside the 50 metre scoring zone. Derby Greats Peter Carey and Peter Darley were present, but Super took the Cup home.

The game was prefaced by a splendid lunch at which Glenelg Great Ross Gibbs spoke entertainingly about his time at West Perth, at Glenelg in the 1980s, and in the southern league where he once kicked 30 goals in a game and tried to kick his last career goal semi-nude. The umpire stopped him posting that last goal – it would have been his hundredth for the season – and it was a somehow fitting, Bradmanesque coda to a great career.

Never rattled: the Great Ross Gibbs (centre)

Glenelg 15.12 (102) South Adelaide 9.8 (62)

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    May 26, 2021

    Perfectly cooked Fillet Mingnon washed down with a Scarpantoni red made lunch the highlight of my day. Look forward to rematch later in the year and an opportunity to sample the dining delights from the Bay. Maybe time to have Knuckles as guest speaker? Go Panthers !!!

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