The Long Good Friday

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"I smell blood..."

Glenelg vs Sturt (14 April 2017 @ the G)

Even though P’s subscription lapsed many years ago, we maintain a sense of disquiet about football on Good Friday, and a most memorial Good Friday to boot. But The Varnished Culture was assuaged by a beautiful afternoon and the sight of our bizarre Tiger mascot greeting patrons, along with another poorly defined character, the Easter Bunny. (We have to mention that Norwood, albeit a great Club and Team, has the funniest club mascots by far: the old one looks like Milo Kerrigan – the new one looks like Powdered Toast Man.)


All was not well early. Sturt looked fast and sharp, every inch a premiership side (which they are of course). Several odd umpiring decisions had some in the crowd muttering darkly about thirty pieces of silver. Sturt got out to a 4 to 2 goal lead but some late magic (including mark of the year by Josh Scott) saw the Tigers level at the quarter.



The second quarter was a little depressing; the Bays had plenty of the footy but squandered chances or were pressured into error, such that they kicked a ridiculous 8 points in a row. Sturt got 4 goals without a miss and although we were winning in contested possessions, the Blues were cleaner with the ball and slicker in attack. We finally got a goal before the half to stay in touch, but clouds of gloom billowed throughout the Vice Presidents’ Room at half time, a fog alleviated only by the responsible consumption of alcohol.


Which made the second half all the more remarkable, not to say weird. Glenelg piled on 15 goals to 3, in an avalanche that overwhelmed quality opposition – indeed, Sturt were swarmed, making the win over Port the week before something less than the fluke which the so-called experts had called. The goals were spread amongst the team, but what was revelatory was the way the team spread itself about, pressing, pressuring and at times, almost dancing in unison. That second half was stunning, breathtaking – up there with the best we’ve ever seen.

Glenelg 20.11 (131) d. Sturt 11.4 (70)


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