Tigers: Season 2018 in emojis

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Angry, out of the race, but still determined to swing it around...

Our 18 games as expressed in the idiom of internet idiograms.

Game 1:  Exploding Head   Glenelg loses to South in a pathetic Good Friday performance…38 points…season off to an abysmal start.

Game 2: Pleading Face  Bays drop a close one (3 points) at home to Port.

Game 3: Face With Raised Eyebrow  ‘What’s going on?’ Bays knock off Norwood by 31 points (!) Yay! P, in L.A., waits 24 hours to give L the bad news…

Game 4: Nauseated Face  Tigers lose to Eagles…again! 61 points!?!

Game 5: Clown Face Bays having a laugh…thumped at home by Centrals. 33 points.

Game 6: Cowboy Hat Face  Yee-haw! Tigers beat West @ Richmond. 25 points.

Game 7: Clinking Glasses Comfortable win over the Crows. 33 points.

Game 8: Cold Face  Frozen out: not good enough against Sturt. 44 points.

Game 9: Face With Hand Over Mouth  Sorry Your Majesty…Tiges lose a close one to North on the Queen’s Birthday. 10 points.

Game 10: Hot Face Way bad against the Redlegs at the Parade. 32 points.

Game 11: Face Vomiting Just can’t get close to the Eagles! 46 points!

Game 12: Face With Symbols on Mouth Glenelg is robbed by the Dogs by 2 points at Elizabeth.

Game 13: Rolling on the Floor Laughing  South blow it, and we’re good enough to take advantage, by 3 points.

Game 14: Zany Face  Any year you beat Port at Alberton is a Good Year! 35 points!

Game 15: Smiling Face With 3 Hearts Gee, thanks Bloods!  You stink! Win by 29 points.

Game 16: Woozy Face  North fail despite the best efforts of whoever was in charge of the game. 3 point win that should have been much, much more…

Game 17: Star-Struck “Hello Fruit Tingles, Our Old Friend…” These are the sounds of a thumping 57 point win at the Bay!

Game 18:      Partying Face Versus reigning Premier Sturt, we get up in a hard-fought contest by 5 points! (See below). That’s what we call going out with a Bang!  Well done and bring on 2019!


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