Where Eagles Dare

"Liebchen, Liz doesn't understand me..."

'You are going to leap HOW broadly beyond the realm of logic...?"

‘You are going to leap HOW broadly beyond the realm of logic…?”

(Dir. Brian G Hutton) (1968)

Clive James once wrote that the film that followed him about the world was The Naked Jungle.  Our own bete noire is Where Eagles Dare. The Varnished Culture has gone to the cold heart of country Victoria, to take the waters and sweat out the toxins of popular culture, and what do we find, after a purifying mineral ritual, massage and facial?  Where Eagles Dare on the television!  P’s late father-in-law loved this film, and what red-blooded man wouldn’t? Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood talking English/German/American/English as they infiltrate a Nazi fortress deep in the Alps, gain vital information, gather two patriotic lovelies and decamp, along the way wasting half of the Wehrmacht.  Comic book action balanced with a literate script and immaculate diction!


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