Withnail & I

Withnail and I

(dir. B. Robinson) (1985)

Perfect homage to the strange death of swinging London. Withnail, I and Uncle Monty et al emblematize La Bruyere’s epigram that self-indulgence and severity towards others is the same vice.

Seat of M. de la Touche (Sleddale Hall by John Darch)

Seat of M. de la Touche (Sleddale Hall by John Darch)

Looking up from our slim volume of Nigel’s poems, its pages stained with buttery tears from crumpets, we see the sky is beginning to bruise…home lads!  To Vim under the sink and one bar on.  (Look for more killer (and accurate) quotes from the film here).


[See “Vivian & I” by Colin Bacon (2010, Quartet Books) for Withnail’s prototype, Vivian Mackerrell.
Vivian & I available at Amazon.com] [Trivia note: the writer director has put out a book, claiming to have solved the Jack the Ripper case.  We’ve not read it, and the case is a little cold, but does Jeff Woad have an alibi?] [Further trivia note: we read with interest in “the Australian” 24/3/17, that Bob Odenkirk, in Sydney to promote a new series of Better Call Saul, when asked who was his favourite anti-hero, answered “I love Withnail & I.  Does Withnail count?”]

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