All things Must Pass

(2017: Holden manufacturing (with wages well above market level) in Australia ceases; 2020: The Holden car (its models no longer competitive at the list price) ceases for good.  Certain commentators suggest governments should have ‘done more‘)

We’ve had much hand-wringing of late 

And cries for intervention by the State,

To return us to the good old times

Of subsidies and other nursery-rhymes.

”Invest” (in losers) interventionists cry,

Raise the prices till no one can buy,

The Holden car, well ‘she’s a bloody beauty’;

When markets fail, we all have a duty.

(One absorbs the books by Marx,

And duly then the State embarks

On policy that moves dead hands;

Ignores Supply and flouts Demands.


Tax it, if it moves – and then,

If not still, why, tax again,

And if it breathes, then regulate;

Subsidise only when too late.)

We have to throw more money down,

Lest we lose the money thrown

And why not meddle?  We have before:

Tariffs help even-the-score.

We all want work that is for real;

Quality goods for the commonweal,

But if the motor, off the line

Costs double an import, it loses its shine.


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