Annabel Lee, Miranda & Stevie

Annabel Lee, Miranda, Stevie, and Lesley (image by Stephen Reid)

annabel leebella donnaGreetings and a warm welcome to  Lesley’s blog,  the part of The Varnished Culture which is girly, crafty and sort of ethereal.  Our muses are Stevie Nicks, Joyce Carol Oates  and Lily Cole.  Our poem is “Annabel Lee”  –  a poem by Edgar Allen Poe – Stevie  does an otherwordly, lilycoleheartrending version of the song, invoking a castle by the sea, grassy cliffs and a young love.  On the other hand it is all gothic, sad and Wuthering Heights.  Our film is, of course, “Picnic at Hanging Rock”.


Our tarot card for today is The Ace of Pentacles, or Coins – the card for beginnings – our launch on a Spring Monday! I shuffle the deck concentrating on this new venture  and lo!  the card which came to us for today is “Le Judgement”. The focus of this card is also on new projects and partnerships, fresh starts and changes. So, together we are all beginning something fresh and fabulously interesting.


Spring is flowers – I have decorated my herb pots with pretty prettiness.  The idea & daffodil pattern came from the beautiful website  of the lovely Lucy, of  “Attic 24”.

My iPad was jealous and requested new covers pronto (under threat of inducing all of the household electronics to fold their arms and go on strike), so I made these.   The flower on the left is from a pattern by the superb crocheter, Vendulka.



We will soon be linking to Pinterest and Goodreads.  We will have competitions and I have a lot to tell you and show you.

We are so glad that you took to time to stop and visit us.  Please do come again and do post comments, or contact us by using the contact form.  We want to make this site  a treasure trove and we need YOUR input.

I should say something profound as I sign off this first post.  I think I have it.  As Stevie would say, “I wear my boots all summer long”.  I don’t know what it means, but I like it, and I do..

american-horror-story Peace. Lesley.



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