Galaxy of Change Crochet Rug

October 26, 2015 | Posted by Lesley Jakobsen | Annabel Lee, CRAFT, Crochet | 1 Comment |

Here are pictures of the finished  Galaxy of Change rug which I started here.  I did about 50  of the 103 rows in the pattern, plus 3 of a border which I made up.  I wanted to have points around the edge.

crochet-blanket-7 crochet-blanket-6 crochet-blanket-5 crochet-blanket-4 crochet-blanket-2 crochet-blanket

Sadly, I am not a good enough photographer to capture the vibrancy of the colours of Bouvardia yarn in Lollypop.  I’s really weird and lovely.

As I mentioned here, I was inspired to use Bouvardia by the beautiful work of Julie Salter of this Facebook group.  Look at her unfinished Galaxy of Change in Bouvardia Tokyo.

But somehow mine was turning out really dull.

So I abandoned it and again, inspired by Julie’s work, I tried the Lollypop.  Much better!  Here  is Julie’s Tides of Change.  Her photo shows the colours better than mine do.  She is a talented lady!

bouvardia 2I think I have to make another Frank O’Randle rug now.  But in a variegated yarn like Bouvardia, or in solid colours, maybe with an ombre look from dark to light??  Either way that means I have to buy more wool.  Oh no!

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