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Prospects not good...

Prospect Oval, 1 May 2016

How wrong can your correspondent be?  About a week ago, he wrote: “The team is good enough and things will fall into place soon.”

In what should have been a close game, the Roosters got out of the blocks fast, soon led, and by mid-game it was 9 goals to 2.  We apologise for the poor quality of our photo of the scoreboard (see below) – our hands were shaking with fear, loathing, rage and despair.  I don’t know who has the task of apologising for the performances of the Tigers.  The team was (it must be reported with candour) slow, lazy, soft, reactive, skill-free and inaccurate.  Sheer bloody-mindedness and grit kept a looming 100-point blowout to a 33-point one.  Still.  CAN DO BETTER!


There should be greater reward for a long-suffering Bay fan who troubles to attend charmless Prospect Oval and pays $5 for a can of tepid beer.  Also, one could have done without a series of umpiring decisions that seemingly obtained from intimidation by a crowd of Rooster boors more brain-dead than your average Power supporter.

Moreover, we didn’t appreciate the pre-recorded ‘cock crow’, although the North folks showed great restraint in only playing that once, thank god.  At every quarter, the announcer helpfully screamed out a glowing summary of stats, but discreetly avoided mention of the number of frees awarded.  Not that that obvious and embarrassing disparity mattered to the result.

P would have preferred attending a May Day march, but since we’re in South Australia, that was held yesterday.  In this State, a command and control economy where our licence plates read “SA: Waiting for Instructions”, the government keeps the trains running (more or less) and owns the means of production, so we march to their tune.


No expense spared at Prospect

While we’re on a tear, nobody could credibly say this, but conspiracy buff Oliver Stone might blurt “The SANFL Premiership has been decided….in a boardroom in Adelaide.”  (But then, he doesn’t follow local footy).  South beat Adelaide by a point today and are undefeated.  Well done to the Panthers – obviously everyone would love them to win the Grand Final against Adelaide this year, preferably by a point.  And they haven’t won a pennant since 1964, so they’re due.  Only one problem: won’t they be at a disadvantage come the finals, given their schedule confines them to about 22 minor-round games at their home ground?

Glenelg 11.11 (77)  North Adelaide 17.8 (110)


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