Khe Sanh

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Songs in Our Heart # 71

Khe Sanh (by Cold Chisel) (written by Don Walker; released May 1978)

(photo of Cold Chisel by jeaneeem)

(photo of Cold Chisel by jeaneeem)

[On 21 January (1968) the North Vietnamese forces commenced an attack that became the four-month battle of Khe Sanh.  And in 1978 Cold Chisel released this wonderful, rolling, almost-formless, sad adieu to that terrible campaign, where a disillusioned vet remembers the troubled times in that benighted country, synthesising the post-war mood (and foreshadowing the film The Deer Hunter).  “I’ve been back to South East Asia but the answer sure ain’t there…the last plane outta Sydney’s almost gone.”]


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