Mollie Makes

If Mollie Makes were a woman she would own “Millie’s”, a quirky organic vegan café. The cafe, her house and her daughter Charlie* would all be decorated in a quirky retro, minimalist style featuring  lots of  polka dots and woodland animals. On Sundays Mollie Makes would dye her severe bob black or  purple, pop on her quirky red-rimmed glasses and cycle with Charlie  to roller derby practice.

The magazine is as worthy as that – heavy on the Scandanavian look, white walls,  foxes, deer, owls, recycled furniture and dots.  The projects are usually at the  easy skill-level.  Of course beauty is in the eye of the needle, but to this crafter the Mollie Makes projects are too often offputtingly err… ugly.  Perhaps I just don’t understand and should hang out at Millie’s for a while.

Not attractive to this crafter…..

molly-makes-7Or just poorly executed…


Some projects are better… (but note the bluebirds and rabbits which apparently infest England).


Mollie Makes does differ from most craft magazines in that the  pieces about people are actually interesting and readable.  It also always has a kit attached to the cover – which is a nice extra.


* Charlie was born a boy but boys don’t wear hair bows and coloured wellingtons, so Charlie is a girl now.  As far as her mother is concerned.

VERDICT  – buy it now and then.


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