What Stevie Wore in Adelaide

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"Oh, I'm getting older too" (Photo courtesy of Flickr)

Dear Annabels, our beloved Stevie Nicks stomps a bit now and she really shouldn’t turn side-on to the audience but she is pretty as and still rocks it just fabulously.



At Fleetwood Mac’s October 2015 concert, I  was close enough to see up Stevie’s two (not one or three) nostrils and so I took careful note of what the lady wore.  I  don’t think I need to say that it was (almost) all black, but Stevie wore:-


A skirt of (perhaps) microfiber, layered and good for lifting out at the sides

A fitted long-sleeved velvet vest with points at the front.

A high-necked top (or the top of the dress)  in gauze.

Opaque tights and pixie ankle boots.  Suede, with medium, chunky heels.

Delicate necklaces, probably white gold and diamonds, a moon.

Straight, glittery, dangly earrings, say three strips of diamonds.

Finger-tipless gloves (so that we could see her French-manicured nails).

Sadly Stevie  did not change constume but she did add, at various times:-

A shawl, softly fluffy at the edges and sheer in the centre,

A furry stole,

A (gasp!) flesh-coloured gauzy shawl with wings decorated in sparkly-things,

A black and diamente top hat,

and finally, (oddly) a very plain scarf.

Oh, and the others? Christie, (playing, as always, Frida to Stevie’s Agnetha) wore something or other black.  Mick Fleetwood wore a fabulous black striped velvet doublet, vest and plusfours ensemble gilded at times by the inexplicable pin-on wooden conkers and a red silk top hat.  John McVie and Lindsey Buckingham were on stage too.  Only the lining of Buckingham’s jacket showed that any effort at all had gone into the outfit.

This is what I wish Miss Nicks had worn at “my” concert.

stevie stevie

Image from 100percentrock.com

Stevie  told a vivid story about the inspiration for “Gypsy”.  She and Lindsey Buckingham were living in San Francisco in 1965 – 1970, the years of Haight-Ashbury and the whole thing.  She had heard of “The Velvet Underground”, not a misery-inducing band but a clothes shop for the wealthy rock chick.  Stevie went in and stood on the polished boards under the high ceilings, just where Janis Joplin would have stood (been propped up?), surrounded by the pretty pretty things which she could not afford and…something clicked.  She thought that one day she would be an adored rock star, one day she would be able to go into a shop and not look at the price tags. She went home a different person.  The point of her story was that you can do it.  Ignore the naysayers.  That is our philosophy too, dear Annabels, is it not?



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    Queen Eleanora

    October 30, 2015

    Goddess Stevie, we worship at your velvet altar!!!! What a gorgeous post!!!!!

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