Trump’s Grand Slam

November 9, 2016 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | American Politics, POLITICS | 6 Comments |

The Donald in Philly, PA, which might put him over the top (picture: Michael Candelori)

9 November 2016

We have been rebuked quite harshly over a previous post containing some mild objections about Donald Trump, so we have no wish to endure further ‘trolling’…

It looks like Mr Trump has won a stunning victory.  As at 5 pm Australian Central Standard time, he has 244 electoral college votes to Ms Clinton’s 215, needing 270 to win the election. He is likely to gather the balance he needs by winning Arizona (11), and he is narrowly ahead in Pennsylvania (20), with almost all votes counted there.  This puts him over the top, but he also has handy leads in Wisconsin (10 votes) and, intriguingly, Michigan (16).  And he’ll scoop up Alaska’s 3 votes, too, most probably.

Plenty of Americans are unlikely to reconcile and get behind the new leader.  One of the more mild and humorous tweets (twitter not generally being a source of genuine wit), comes from Angus McIntyre: Just stress-ate 3 quarts of ice-cream, a bag of frozen peas & an entire tube of Crest toothpaste. Also, 2 sachets of silica gel & my phone.  It’s fair to say that a lot of folks won’t be hailing the new Chief.

President Obama was a superb salesman, using the bully pulpit as a point from which to both soar, and swoop.  Now we look to another salesman, more hard-sell than soft power.  Whilst he won’t outsource foreign policy to the same extent, his protectionist stance may hurt the free world, unless he gives his Secretary of State some carte blanche riding instructions.  He will depend on his Cabinet much more than Ms Clinton would.  And a Republican House and Senate might be just as hostile as a Democratic one.

Congratulations, Mr. President.  We’ll have to wait a few more years for the ladies to crack those highest of glass ceilings – U.S. President and Pope…


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    Rick Mason

    November 9, 2016

    Wonder if his fashion style will become a new hit.people who imitate his hair style may be known as Trumpets. I think i will just go and play some REM. "It's the end of the world as we know it"

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      ken suvanto

      November 10, 2016

      Its the end of the world as we know it...Rick Masons' comment. Thank God for that lol.

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    stuart russell

    November 10, 2016

    The 1st Lady President, do not discount Ivanka Trump in 8 years time, as The Donald will be POTUS for 2 terms and will look to pass over the reins and by all accounts, Ivanka, who is an accomplished business women and very popular. We are entering an age of Trump and it will be a Golden age, after a few years of clearing the Globalist influence from the national political structure.

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      Lesley Jakobsen

      November 10, 2016

      "An age of Trump", that's an interesting idea Stuart. Do you remember when it was prophesied that it would be Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton forever....their daughters would continue the family tradition. How things change!

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    Steve Hill

    November 10, 2016

    Here is a very insightful piece by Brendon O 'Neil

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    Smug of Glebe

    November 13, 2016

    Correct weight Steve Hill, O'Neil has nailed the arrogance of the progressive elite, which didn't see Trump or Brexit coming. Ordinary deplorables have this nagging feeling they are the butt of one massive in-joke, shared within the highest circles, and when they get the chance to have a say, they take it. And in that process, simple patriotism trumps internationalism. Actually, global governance is not SUCH a bad idea, but not run by humans.

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