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"This is some ways from 'Match Point"'

Under the Skin” (Dir. Jonathon Glazer) (2014)

You can refer to Lesley’s review of the book here.

The film is far less preachy than Michel Faber’s novel – it’s a kind of Rocky Horror Picture Show with thick Glaswegian accents. Scarlett Johansson is an alien (in the garb of a woman) gathering men for her intergalactic handlers.  But the tedious lusts of men are mitigated by a diversity that challenges and confuses this rather startled visitant, turning her harvesting methods idiosyncratic and a bit ineffectual.  Is the farmer getting too empathetic with the stock?  “Your mission is a failure!”

the bad oil

the bad oil

Literal but also surreal, the film takes a one-trick pony and turns a 10 minute concept into an 108 minute one, through repetition, leisurely pacing and a strong, persuasive performance by the star as the simpering, befuddled outsider who is far more dangerous than she looks.

Beautifully shot with tasteful effects that work because they are not over-worked, the film diverges materially from the novel on which it is based – and surpasses it.  “And crawling, upon the planet’s face….some insects – called ‘The Human Race’…Lost in time, and lost in space…and in meaning.”


‘Snap out of it!’



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    M M Momm

    October 24, 2016

    This film isn't dragged out or a one trick pony at all. It is stilted and meticulous, we're watching her doing inexplicable things in what is to her an inexplicable world. But I like your "lost in time, and lost in space…and in meaning.” Otherwise, it is nothing like The Rocky Horror Picture Show except for the murderous aliens.

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