We Love Lucy’s

April 30, 2018 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | FOOD, Restaurants, TRAVEL | 0 Comments |

Lucy’s El Adobe Café, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood

We were stuffed. That is, exhausted and footsore. Having walked from Hollywood Blvd; having traversed the entire Hollywood Cemetery; having found that there’s no easy way from there to Paramount Studios except to walk another few miles, even though it is adjacent; having found that there’s virtually nowhere along Melrose to sit and eat, we chanced upon this place with the modest sign and modest exterior, just over the road from Paramount.

Our luck was in. This was a great little Cantina, and the signed photos of stars all over the walls bore testimony to the fact that Paramount stars over the years would have spurned the studio refectory at times and crossed the road to eat here too.

The ravages of tramping the L.A. streets under a hot sun were soon washed away by Pacifico beer and cold white wine, and we enjoyed our tacos (chicken and barbecued beef, topped with guacamole), preceded by a delicious bean soup and salad – lashings of grub for only $16 a head.

Lucy’s was an oasis in a gastronomic desert – we thought we were on ‘Fantasy Island!’ Perhaps that was due to sharing a booth with the famous Latin lover, Ricardo Montalban.

[see more at this link: https://www.seeing-stars.com/Dine2/Lucys.shtml]


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