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From diverse film sources:

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” [Apocalypse Now]

The lass at the publishing company wants to know how obsessive-compulsive misanthropist Jack Nicholson creates his female characters, to which he replies: “I think of a man. And then I take away reason, and accountability.” [As Good As it Gets]

“Go sell crazy somewhere else. We’re all stocked-up here.” [As Good As it Gets]

“Sometimes nothin’ is a real cool hand.” [Cool Hand Luke]

“You’ve got to ask yourself a question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?” [Dirty Harry]

Parting note from a consummate con-artist: “I’m keeping the money. Is that wrong?” [Dirty Rotten Scoundrels]

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” [Ferris Bueller’s Day Off]

Scenery-chewer Richard Crenna (perfect here) prematurely eulogises Sly Stallone: “Here lies John Rambo. War Hero. Survivor of countless incursions behind enemy lines. Killed for vagrancy in Jerkwater, U.S.A.” [First Blood]

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“Be thankful Brighton that when God made you a fool, he gave you a fool’s face.” [Lawrence of Arabia]

Howard Beale on his last formal news broadcast: “And I was married for 33 years of shrill, shrieking fraud…so I don’t have any bullshit left. (Sunny smile) I just ran out of it, you see.”  [Network]

Faye Dunaway addresses her staff at TV station UBS: “The American people are turning sullen. They’ve been clobbered on all sides by Vietnam, Watergate, the inflation, the depression, they’ve turned off, shot up and they’ve fucked themselves limp, and nothing helps. So, this concept analysis report concludes, the American people want somebody to articulate their rage for them.” [Network]

“We could make a series out of it. Suicide of the Week.” [Network]

Howard descends, or ascends, over several hours, to epiphany:  “This is not a psychotic episode, Max. This is a cleansing moment of clarity…(walking into the studio in his pyjamas, the security guard says: ‘How do you do, Mr Beale?’ ‘I must make my witness…’ ‘Sure thing, Mr Beale) ‘…I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more!” [Network]

“A boy’s best friend is his Mother.” [Psycho]

“Out of the depths, I cry to you O Lord.” [The Sixth Sense]

“I see dead people……Walking around like regular people…They don’t know they’re dead.” [The Sixth Sense]

“You talkin’ to me?” [Taxi Driver]

To a TV news report on a police haul of drugs with a ‘street value’ of $27m, dealer Mel Gibson replies: “What street is that?” [Tequila Sunrise]

The Big Tobacco Boss rouses the troops: “We don’t sell tic-tacs for Chrissake, we sell cigarettes. And they’re cool. And available. And addictive, the job is almost done for us.” [Thank You For Smoking]

über-method actor Robert Downey Jnr. explains to Big Star Ben Stiller how not to win an Oscar: “Never go Full Retard.” [Tropic Thunder]

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