A Picnic in the Folly – Step 1

 Some day soon I shall have a picnic (with cakes and champagne) in the folly, deep within the TVC gardens.  First, practise the decoration…

crochet-tea-9 crochet-tea-8 crochet-tea-7

It’s a little bit Moominmamma, a little bit Stevie and a lot Annabel Lee.


You will see that the stripey crochet rug with the grey lace edge.has a reasonable amount of edging rounds.  Maybe I will add a few more one day when I am really bored.  (On that same day I shall polish the silver and shave the cat).

Stay tuned for the next stage of preparation for a beautiful picnic. It might be a while…today is a rare sunny smiley Winter’s day and I have so much else to do and post here.

TVC doesn’t do ads but we should acknowledge that the Folly over which the drapery hangs was courtesy of Bernard and Keryn Brown Furnishers of 1262 South Road, Clovelly Park, SA.  Their lovely store nestles under a big palm tree.

If you have any ideas about the perfect picnic (preferably one at which the head count is the same at the end), or you would like to know about any of the crocheting here, please do post a comment. Don’t worry if the message seems to disappear when you click “Submit”, it has to go to us first to approve – otherwise we would swamped with spam, which is not good, no matter what Peter says.

Stay lovely, Peeps! 🙂


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