Harmony Crochet Bag and Juliet Blues Too

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Dear Annabels, you will remember part one of my progress with the Harmony crochet bag here.  Guess what!  Kathryn herself, the designer from Crafternoon Treats has commented on my post!  It’s marvellous to have  my version of her beautiful creation noted by the lady herself.  Well, having been heartened by this, I got back to work on the bag, which, I must confess, had been  put on the backburner due to my fear of the horrific job of finding and selecting lace for the next stage.

I am afraid of trying to find lace in my craft room (known as “Wuthering Heights” because (cue BBC sound recording of howling winds, thunder and creepy music) it is a Sisyphean task to find  anything in that over-stuffed pile of scary things that fall on top of the searcher or distract her with a thousand other ideas.  As if I didn’t already have too much fascinating stuff stuffed into cupboards, drawers, bags, boxes and baskets and layering the floor, I then inherited my mother’s stash (although I could keep only a fraction of it).   My mother was a dressmaking whiz, a textile junkie and a hoarder.  So, although I do know how lucky I am, I was still afraid, very afraid , of hauling out the raffia baskets of lace from the cupboard and dragging down the cardboard boxes from atop the dresser and then going mad trying to choose.  But I did it, my friends and miraculously narrowed my choice down to a very few.  Here are my experiments.  You will note that I have lined the bag with a pretty floral, as per Kathryn’s very clear instructions.


Janie-Crow-1-274x300While procrastinating about the whole terrifying lace thing, I started another of these bags in the colours of the new limited edition Stylecraft DK pack.  Although I don’t think the colours were chosen to go together, they do, as you can see in these vibrant cushions from Janie Crow.  Now, there are quite a few greens in the pack – beautiful colours, but I don’t want a green bag, so I kept them to a minimum In the body of the bag.  I will use more of them in the flowers which decorate the top of the bag. I get bored with the short rows of a granny square, so I am working in big rounds.  I am thinking of a black, beaded lace but… is that too obvious and boring?  Will it be too chunky?  What about black fringe?  Do you have any ideas?
black fatbag 1_edited-1

Ad to further assist the important job of procrastination, which I work at very hard, I have made further progress witth the Juliet jacket.  The top half of the sleeves are done and this is progress on the body (done in one piece from the bottom up) so far, with the half flowers.  By goodness the Cabaret yarn is just lovely.   My very poor photography skills cannot do it justice.  cabaret-1
I now have to go and gather up the lace which is all over Wuthering Heights’ floor and jam it back into various receptacles.  I have long given up trying to maintain any sort of catagorising or colour-coding system.   I need calm.  So, here’s a peaceful picture for us all.


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