Juliet Blues

October 27, 2015 | Posted by Lesley Jakobsen | Annabel Lee, CRAFT, Crochet | 1 Comment |

So, the battle to get going with the Juliet jacket.

I decided on the blue Moda Vera Portsea Cotton  and made one sleeve and some of the flowery bits.


I ordered the rest of the yarn which I needed from Spotlight online.  Well, their online service is as bad as their in-store service and it didn’t happen.  So….I decided on the colour which they call “green”, but which I call “aqua” because I wouldn’t make it in green.  I found one of the very few people In Adelaide Spotlight who is helpful and knows where stuff is and managed to get the 12 balls which I need.


But in the meantime one of the balls of Stylecraft Cabaret in ocean which I had ordered from Deramores in the UK arrived. Unlike Spotllight, Deramores’ service is usually excellent but when I should have received five balls,  only one arrived.  The Cabaret  was earmarked for this little beauty…I love the ombre look.


But it is just so vibrant and soft and lovely. It knocked me over.  It’s adorable and looked about the right ply or weight for the Juliet jacket (I just cannot face making another swatch).  So I  ordered four more balls and started a sleeve in it.  In the medium size, as I did with the Portsea cotton.  Then  I ummed and ahhed (again) and decided to redo it in the large.

crochet-top-2 It is too large in parts and about right in others!  Oh it is so difficult!  Does anyone else have these problems? I don’t know what to do!  I will continue in the large and see how I go.  I’ve done one sleeve and about a third of the second with my one ball.  But now Deramores are  saying I ordered 5 balls, not 9 and I’m still waiting for any of them! Sigh sigh sigh.

At least  Miron is helping.      [See further progress here].


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